Monday, June 6, 2011


We have had the worst weather this spring. We don't get tornados or hurricanes here in South East Idaho, but it has been a long winter. Spring has been cold. Since April we have had snow, rain, snow, rain, sunshine(one day), and on and on. About 1 good day to 10 days of yuck.

Last week it froze, rained, rained, and talk about wind! Three to four days of 35 - 40 mph winds with gusts up to 50-60 mph. We put the top on our patio cover and then took it down again. I was afraid if we didn't we would find it in Wyoming!

We finally got enough good weather to plant tomato and cabbages out side.

My sister's hobby greenhouse is doing good. This spring she added a long low raised bed for salad plants. She was using large pots for greenhouse tomatoes. She built a raised bed in the center for the tomatoes instead. Lots and lots of 5 gallon bucket loads of rocks(for dranage) and even more of bedding soil.

All the tomatoes have blossoms.

This is the long bed with radishes, lettuces and onions.

These are the fuchsias she bought as tiny seedlings a couple of months ago. They will go on the patio soon.

The last three years we got almost as many tomatoes from the greenhouse as from the outside garden. Last year it froze the tomatoes on June 17! We will see what happens this year.

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