Friday, June 24, 2011

Greenhouse and Garden

We finally got the garden planted. We also harvested two cucumbers from the greenhouse.

This is melons in the front, and corn in the back. Nyda started corn in the greenhouse. When she planted it, she also put some seeds in a couple of small rows. We'll see which one is better.

The tomatoes and peppers were also started in the greenhouse. The tomatoes look terrible. The last two days the rain and almost hail have tried to kill them. There were some that said there was a small tornado south of us on Wednesday.

It's almost July and the peas are just getting started. There are onions and potatoes in the other side.

Nyda uses a vibrating tooth brush to polinate the tomatoes.

Here are the first cucumbers. There are cucumbers in the raised bed with the tomatoes, and in some hanging pots.

Just yesterday Nyda started to plant the pots and planters on the patio and around the front. We couldn't afford to plant so many flowers if she didn't start them from seed in the GH.

We also got the pond pump running in both the big pond and the one outside my studio.

Look at the gold fish!

These Alum were in full bloom just outside the door last week.

We had flowers all spring, despite the weeds! Dafodills, tulips. Then lilacs and the flowering trees. Now the poppies and iris. I just didn't get pictures. The BEES have been swarming around the flowers. It's been a slow spring for them, too.

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  1. Your flowers are beautiful! You sure are going to enjoy the fresh produce from your garden! Watching the goldfish must be so relaxing! Thanks for sharing your pictures!