Friday, June 24, 2011

Owl quilt finished

I have had 12 owl quilt blocks in my UFO pile since the 1980's. The pattern is from an old Quilters Newsletter Magazine, I don't know which one. I did a close button hole stitch around the pieces that looks like a satin stitch, by hand. I would pull one out and work on it from time to time, until I got them all embroidered.
Earlier this month, I pulled out a colorful leaf print on black and made up each block in a quilt as you go manner. It took a few days to quilt and then sew the blocks together. Each block is a different design. I was trying out some of Leah Day's designs and few of my own. The borders were quilted seperately and attached just like the blocks.

Here are closeups of two of the blocks.

Here is the quilt. It is 44 x 66 inches.

Here are closeups of the back of two blocks.

Her is a picture of the back joining between two blocks.


  1. This is too cute and your stitching looks great! Love the backing/sashing fabric!