Sunday, April 10, 2011

A look at quilt tops I had in storage

I spent some time yesterday taking pictures of the quilt tops I have made in the last few years. I don't have any of them quilted. I wanted a record of what I have so I can put them in by "brag book". I decided to post them here also.

This is the oldest. I made it during the 70's, but never got it quilted. The fabric is cotton/poly, which is what we mostly had then. I'm thinking of selling it as a "vintage" top.

Several years ago I bought 3 pieces of fabric that were related. I put them together in this quilt along with a light sage green:

Its one of those things that you look at after a while and you wonder "What was I thinking?" I don' really like it now. I think I will use it as a practice piece for machine quilting.

I used the leftovers for this quilt:

For several years I bought "space" themed fabrics when I found them with the idea of a space window quilt. This is what I came up with. It's perfect for a young astronaut:

This is a wall quilt to go with it:

Here is another quilt I made with the leftovers from the space windows quilt. Another good quilt for a future astronaut.

This was a fun quilt. I had several remnants: a native american inspired watercolor pattern, a tie-dye type with four main colors, red, blue, green, and yellow, A piece of orange and a piece of grey. They all went well together laying on the table. The pattern is called jewel box. I fussy cut the centers of the blocks. After cutting the tie-dye fabric into squares, I sorted it into stacks by predominant color: red, green, yellow and blue. I used up all of the fabrics. I didnt have more than a hadfull of scraps left.

This is my fractal quilt. I used an illustration on the cover of Scientific American as my guide. It was finished during the winter of 2005. It just kept growing. after finishing the center, it needed a border, Then another. It turned out about 100 by 110 inches. I can't get a good picture because it is WAY larger than my design curtain. I wrote to SA about permission to publish my pattern, but they say I have to contact the Mendelbrot estate. We will see. I want to redraft the pattern smaller or just use the center area for another quilt at some time.

Last summer I put together this tree quilt. I am thinking about putting a solid green border on it to make it larger. I still have some of the green fabrics, I could applique a vine around the outside using those scraps. Maybe.

Most of these have been stash buster quilts. I have been trying to come up with quilts where I only had to buy one piece of fabric to complete the quilt. The only quilt I bought the fabric for spacifically was the fractal quilt.

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  1. You are very creative and talented! Your owls are so cute and the houses are amazing! The quilt you want to sell as vintage I'm sure would sell. Cotton/poly will still quilt up nicely! Keep on posting! (Hope the job works out!)