Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I have returned.

I'm sorry I haven't posted for so long. Shortly after the last post, I ended up in the hospital for 3 weeks. After coming home, I was not up to much for a long time. I couldn't do cross stitch or other hand embroidery. I just couldn't concentrate on anything for a while.

Just before Christmas, I decided to work on my "Dear Jane" quilt. It was so cold, that I didn't want to run the heater in my work room more than to keep it just above freezing. My work room in a finished room at the back of the detached garage. So I started hauling my sewing machine, and the quilt, etc. to my bedroom. I found an old iron and my portable ironing board. Then I hunted up the quilt supplies.

Two years ago in January, I started a Block of the Month for this quilt. Every month I received a packet of fabric and instructions for 8 squares and 2 triangles. I had started making the blocks, but quit after the first 4 months. The packets kept coming. I decided to keep getting it when I was out of work, since I already had half of the packets.

I started doing one or two blocks most days. Some days I didn't feel like working on anything. Slowly the blocks built up: 169 blocks unfinished size of 5 inches. 52 trianges for the border.

Today I finally got it all put together. I have NO IDEA when it will be quilted.

My design wall is a sheet put up as a curtain over our food storage shelves. I was unable to get a full picture that showed the whole quilt, but, here is my quilt.

This is the center before the borders.

This is the left half...

And the right half.

And here is the best I could do to get most of it in one picture.

I will try to post more often.


  1. your Dear Jane is stunning
    Caroline from Brussels

  2. Love your DJ quilt... and you say you put it together from BOMs.

    Are these BOMs still available? Would really like to try making my top this way instead of hunting down proper fabric.


  3. Susan - Your DJ quilt is absolutely beautiful...what a fantastic accomplishment! You must be so proud of yourself! I do hope your health continues to improve :)

  4. Congrats on finishing your DJ - it's beautiful. I hope you are 'busting your buttons' proud of yourself! What a huge achievement.
    I hope you continue to feel better...

  5. Congratulations!!! It is gorgeous and your work is wonderful.

  6. WTG! What a great "Dear Jane" and to have the umph to get back to it as you did is inspiring!

    Gorgeous quilt!

    doni @ Oregon coast