Sunday, February 21, 2010

Studio Redo

In 1986 we built a stand alone garage with a finished room (11 x 22)at the back. It was used for a craft room for a while, then as a catch-all. I moved out and my sister used it for a makeshift greenhouse for several years. When I moved back in with my sister, it was a mess. In the summer of 2008 we revamped the room.

First we had to remove all of the stuff in the room.

My sewing machine is back there somewhere.

Stacks of fabric, unfinished projects. The Santa doll was done many years ago.

I had already moved 3 metal shelves and everything from one of the pink shelves.

More food storage, book shelves.

This is some of what was in the room. We moved it all out to the garage. I tried to sort it as I removed it into categories such as crafts, fabrics, paints, food etc. It was amazing what was stuffed into that room.

I pulled up part of the carpet that was glued to the floor, then built a little shelf to hold the food storage shelves. I then painted the shelves a dark green. It was exterior paint that I found as I was moving stuff out.

As I said, the carpet was glued down. It had a foam backing, and when we pulled it up it left the foam. We tried to scrape it up by hand, no way. So I rented floor scraper. It took me about a hour to scrape a 2x2 foot area by hand. We pulled up the carpet and scraped all the foam up in an afternoon. I love power tools.

Thats my sister, Nyda, in the picture. I didn't get a picture of me in there.
I painted with an warm off white.
We then put in new flooring.

I painted the bookshelves in a lighter green than the food storage. I instaled the bookshelves on the east wall.

Tour of room. East wall. Door to patio and repainted book shelves. We got rid of the record player and most of the records. The rest of the records are behind the doors. I also have my fancy fabrics, laces and some embelishments in boxes behind the doors.

This is the pond to the left outside the east door.

South Wall. Sewing table and ironing board. This winter my feet were cold so I switched them around so my feet were next to the heat! I found these great powerstrips that are almost 3 feet long and attach to the wall. I put them up high enough to get to easy. No crawling under tables.

The rest of the south wall. Bookshelves and craft supplies.
West wall. Food storage wall. Cutting table in middle. Refrigerator and Freezer on North wall.

The rest of the North wall. Door to garage and fabric storage. I use the curtains on the fabric storage as a small design wall. When I need more space, I thumbtack a sheet to the food storage shelves.


  1. Susan, you and sis did a great job of getting your sewing room together. Love that floor, too.

    Your butterflies and paislies are really beautiful!!!


  2. Nice job! I bet you really love it. No wonder you are getting so much done!! Lovely room!!