Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nine embroidered blocks.

I'm interested in crazy quilting. I have been collecting "stuff" for a while now. I also have all the fabric from the last 40 - 50 years of collecting.

In the late 1960's to the 1970's (I'm not sure just when) I made 9 blocks out of "silky" fabrics that Mom had collected. I didn't really know what to do with them, so they got packed away. I kept finding them and then storing them away again. About a year ago, I joined some Yahoo crazy quilting groups. I decided to embelish the blocks with embroidery in the manner of the crazy quilts. I am going to set them together soon and make a quilt. I was frustrated with how flimsy the blocks were. When I posted my concerns, it was suggested that I use a light weight fusable interfacing to strengthen the blocks. It worked very well.

This is the first block.

This is the next block I tried. Each quarter has different flowers but all in red.

Here is the third one. Each quarter has a different trellis pattern.

The next block. I didnt know what to do with the small triangles. I get clipart from Dover every week. I was browsing through the items I had saved and found some patterns that I kind of liked. I just used part of several patterns. I used a varigated pink floss for all the embroidery.

This block is simple, but I think the pattern is effective.

I'm not real happy with this block. The picture doesn't show the detail very well. The Chinese butterflies don't show up very well and the vines in the center cross are not showing up well either.

I like the way the grape vines worked out on this block. I used a different varigated color for each quarter. Lots of french knots!

It took me a while to decide what to do on this block. The red and green plaid was overwhelming. Then I decided to do a Scotish Thistle. There are two small ones and one large one in each quarter. Click on the picture to see the larger photo. Each of the thistle flowers has a base woven in two colors of green.

This is the last block. The center is a flower garden. I tried a lot of different flowers and techniques on this one. When I set the blocks together, I think this will be the center one.


  1. Hi Susan,
    I just read your post on the CQI board and had to come see what you were up to. I LOVE THEM! You did a fabulous job on each and every block. I especially like the 3rd and last blocks. I would have never thought to embellish a sane block and now I know what to do with all the loose ones I have piled up. Thank you for sharing your wonderful blocks with us.

    Nicki Lee (from CQI)

  2. What a fantastic combination of traditional and crazy quilting!

  3. It's so interesting to see sane blocks embroidered. It's as though you haven't quite stepped through the door into the crazy world! But in CQ they say there are no rules, and at the Textile Museum in Toronto I saw some really old sane quilts full of gorgeous embroidery. I love what you have done and would like to know how you did the thistle.

  4. I saw your post on the CQ list and had to come over and see what you were talking about. These are really beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it. I'm pretty new to CQ and am anxious to be able to embroider anywhere near as well as you do. I can see how much thought went into each block as you decided how to embellish them. Really wonderful work.

  5. Great blocks! I really love your flower garden! Lyn G

  6. what a fabulous job Susan. You are obviously a talented embroiderer. The "crazy-ing" up of the sane blocks has worked so well. Cant wait to see it all together. The sooner the better eh *wink*.

  7. These are gorgeous blocks! I will definitely show them to Molly! Thank you for the link :)