Friday, December 9, 2011

I'm still here

I havn't posted for a while now because I am having computer problems. I am still working on patterns. I have the first version of the "Lucky Elephant" pattern put together. I also have an owl quilt I am working on. As soon as I get the computer thing worked out, and can post from my own computer, I will post pictures here and on

I spent two weeks working on a quilt for my sister, Doris. She had to have some tests done on her heart. It was like an obsession for me. I couldn't work on anything else. I was up till midnight the night before her tests, finishing the binding. It was not a full size quilt, 50 x 80 inches. Just big enough to use for extra warmth. I know I was cold when I was in the hospital last year, until I had my family bring a quilt from home.

When we went to the hospital the day she was scheduled for tests, we walked into her room and I had the quilt in a pillowcase. I asked her how she was, and she said she was cold. I said, "I think this will help", and pulled the quilt out of the case. She was thrilled.

When I am back on my own computer I will share a picture. She is fine, the Doctor said her heart looked good (for her age) except for a small valve leak they already knew about.

Until next time.

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