Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Can't Believe It's September!!!

Where did the summer go!.

I spent some time remaking a set of small quilted wallhangings and sent them off to a publisher. I will post pictures when I know more.

I got a virus and spent a little more than a week in bed, fever, chills, the whole thing. But I survived without going to the hospital this time.

I also created a new quilt, Winter Geese, and sent the pattern to I hope it is published soon. I'll let you know.

The garden is not doing well. We did get a fair crop of peas. The tomatoes are slow and the corn is.... well, lets just say, it would be a joke if we showed it to you. Short, short, short, no ears. I haven't checked the potato plants for little ones yet. The greenhouse is not much better. It sort of piddled off about mid July and we sort of neglected it after that.

I was working on a new pattern last week, when my sewing machine stopped working. Had to take it in, but because the place I go to for repairs is a big vendor at the fair, I won't know the damage until at least next week.
I tried mom's old machine, but it wouldn't work. I may have to get Nyda's machine out to the workroom if I get sewing withdrawal too bad.

I am getting some other things done since I can't sew. Like vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, mopping the kitchen floor. Cleaning my room. I culled a lot of books and magazines out of my shelves. I was able to sell some to the used books store. Not much money: $25. and $12 credit at Hastings. I told Nyda she could use the credit towards more video games. She is working customer service for Sony Playstation now and gets a playstation to use at home.
I put some craft stuff and the magazines on freecycle, and they were picked up fast. I still have too much stuff.

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  1. My corn here in the UK was the same so small, but we had a great crop of tomatoes this year although slow to start. Hope you get your machine back working. All the best Sue