Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm Back

I hadn't realized it has been so long since I posted. This has been a weird summer.

We finally planted the garden June 9. the first time we had 3 days without rain. The tomatoes were 2 feet tall and so were the peppers. The looked so good. Lots of baby tomatoes and peppers.

Just 3 days later, we picked the first ripe tomatoes.

Then on June 17, there was a frost warning. We could cover the peppers, but what to do for the tomatoes. My sister uses long lenths of pvc pipe to stake them. We decided to slit the bottom on large plastic garbage bags and slip them down the pipes to cover the plants. The next morning the peppers were ok. The tomatoes looked a little frozen, but for the most part looked ok. Later in the day, I looked out at the garden and the tomato plants were black and drooping down to about 8 inches above the ground. Gone. We still had 4 greenhouse tomatoes in the greenhouse, but these outside plants never recovered to produce anything but small stunted tomatoes.

Who expects a killing frost on June 17?!!! The joys of gardening in Idaho.

We have been gettiing some wonderful tomatoes out of the greenhouse. And cucumbers.
We have just started gettiing summer squash. Peas are usually a thing of the past by now, but ours are not ready to pick yet.

I still do not have a job. I've been living off my savings but that won't last too much longer. I have been working on some sewing projects.

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